Social Change
Image of Change Got Collabs Vol 1

Change Got Collabs Vol 1


A mixtape of Social Change guest features 2005-2016

12 Tracks with songs from Funkwig & deNorthwode, Dialect, Chris Bass, Joseph Duigan, Matchless Gift, Ben Iota, Dialect & Despair, Kimence, Everyday, Fat Pockets and Phillip Drummond, also featuring DJ Snair, Traen One, Visionz, Kahs, Ellie Duigan, Matrix, Motion, Mesha, Mnops, Alerts, Tomorrow, Sinks and K21, with production by F&D, Inkswel, Ben Duigan, Matchless Gift, Despair, Simplex, Funkwig and Phillip Drummond

Available on cassette in plastic case

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